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ITALIAN KITCHEN CAFE evokes images of highly qualified chefs, fine wines and excellent service. As a restaurant, we know that we are an exceptional gastronomic experience, thanks to the opinion of our customers who visit us.  Italian Kitchen Grill and Cafe is a place that has a casual atmosphere and reminiscent of the quaint restaurants, wine bars of the Italian countryside and its small towns. Our dishes and specialties include traditional pastas perfectly prepared with the best imported and local ingredients, with a freshness in all our ingredients, fundamentally the ones chosen to give you the Mediterranean style, we wait for you in our restaurant so that you are the one that tells us your experience .

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Our Story

ITALIAN KITCHEN GRILL & CAFE is a restaurant that is full of traditions of Italian villages, especially those of the Mediterranean. It all starts with the story of a family that made the decision to share the Italian gastronomy, the culinary art, our culture and transform it into a restaurant where you could taste the food as homemade and also feel as if you were in Italy, thanks to our ancestors we decided to follow the tradition and until now we have been serving all the families that visit us for 14 years our plates inspired in Italy. It is very important that our customers live and feel the experience of tasting the authentic Italian flavor and feel as if they were in Italy itself. Come, meet our restaurant and share your experience of feeling and eating like Italy.

Our Cuisine

 Our cuisine is based on a set of typical dishes and methods of preparation found in the Mediterranean Basin, especially in southern Europe. The three essential elements of our cuisine are olive, wheat, and grape; since these are used, respectively, in the preparation of olive oil, bread, pasta, and wine, ingredients that are never missing from our tables.

Within our culinary culture, our coastal proximity makes the consumption of fish and seafood is extensive, that is why our menu has a large number of dishes that include seafood, one of the most used elements in Mediterranean cuisine They are the vegetables along with the risottos rice, it is definitely one of the favorites of our customers.
There is an intensive use of legumes which means that our kitchen uses always fresh, natural and healthy ingredients, our salads are accompanied by common dressings used in the world cuisine however we have a particular taste for vinegar, you should try our delicious vinaigrette. It is very frequent that when tasting our menu you will find flavors of spices such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, pepper, and mint.
And something that can not be missing from our table is the “bread”, the white bread from there we prepare our delicious Brushes, to accompany our dishes. If you love all these ingredients you can´t stop visiting us, we will gladly assist you and you will feel at home.






Food arrived early and correct. Awesome Lasagna. Recommend all to try.



Food was amazing as was atmosphere and 
Server was.OK 
Overall….need to go back to try another dish!
New transplant from Boston….culinary degree… North End Italian… 
Glad I found this little jewel!

James Webb


The food is great and I love the coziness and decor of the inside. I’ve never had a bad meal here. Wait times to get your food can be a bit long when it is crowded but not a huge issue. If you want to have a leisurely meal, this is the place to go. Wait staff are friendly and efficient and don’t hover which is a huge plus for me.

Mike G.


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